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> Each of our clubs is run by different lead workers, support staff and volunteers. 

> If you have any questions about a particular session, please speak to the appropriate lead worker.

> All Staff and volunteers have Enhanced DBS policy checks,  are safeguarding trained, and receive regular training that is kept up to date.

Project Manager


 Erika Denholm

Activity Co-ordinators

-  Robyn Hill               

- Bryce Denholm        

- Lucy Dunbar            

- Linda Bentham           

Session workers

- Lisa Clark

- Mandy Stagg

- Julie Pouton

- Louise Crisp

- Joseph Anderson

- Hayden Denholm

- Shane Griffiths

- Lily Fisher


- Martin Leake - Chair

- Susan Finnigan - Secretary

- Linda Pennington - Treasurer

- Susan Outlaw

- Adam Huitson

- Nicola Myers

Outdoor Education/DofE Staff

* Pat Hill – Lead Co-ordinator    * Erika Denholm – Training Staff 

* Bryce Denholm – Training Staff 

* Robyn Hill – Training Staff  



We have a diverse volunteer group who support at different clubs, projects & events.  If you would like to become a volunteer please contact us for more information.

All members of staff hold a variety of relevant qualifications for their position and complete the following training regularly;

·       Child Protection

·       Safeguarding

·       Data Protection

·       Autism Awareness

·       Basic Makaton

·       Information Handling Awareness

·       Dealing with Conflict and Aggression

·       Children’s and Young People’s Development in Health and social care settings

·       Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect Core version

·       Safeguarding Children from Abuse by Sexual Exploitation

·       Risk Assessment in Safeguarding

·       Emergency First Aid at Work

·       Enhanced DBS Check

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